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Declaration of Personal Commitment

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Declaration of Personal Commitment
Adopted by the Forty-first World Health Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland, May 1988

We, the participants at the Technical Discussion on leadership development of health of all (held in Geneva on 5-7 May, 1988, during the Forty-first World Health Assembly), representing people from many walks of life, including governments, nongovernmental organizations, universities, educational institutions, voluntary agencies and United Nations agencies, make the following declaration:
We believe that:

  • there is a need for greater concern and commitment to achieve the goal of health for all by the year 2000 through primary health care, among political, professional and community leaders;

  • building self-reliance and leadership capabilities at local level is the most important ingredient for sustained development and progress in health;

  • the development of leadership that can be sustained as a continuing process at all levels in an important strategy to mobilize greater social and political commitment for the total health-for-all movement.

  1. We therefore commit ourselves and urge others in leadership and other strategic positions to adopt the following Five-point personal Agenda for Action:

  1. to inform ourselves, our colleagues, fellow-workers, community members and others about the fundamental values, principles and processes to achieve health for all by the year 2000 through primary health care, and to generate a social conscience in people regarding the health conditions and needs of the under-served, socially deprived and vulnerable population groups.

  2. to make a serious review of progress towards the specific targets set in our respective countries, to identify where the critical needs and gaps are, and to provide leadership in identifying and implementing corrective actions;

  3. to serve as prime movers for change, particularly in areas which fall within our respective roles, and to motivate others to accelerate the changes required in order to achieve the goal of health for all;

  4. to develop and promote partnerships and new alliances of support for health, including the professional associations, institutions of higher education, religious leaders, people's organizations, concerned nongovernmental organizations and individuals, philanthropic groups, the private sector and the media;

  5. to promote self-reliance and enable others, particularly within the home and at the community level, to take greater responsibility for their own health and the health of their communities, through informing and educating them and developing their leadership potential.

We are convinced that additional courageous and innovative strategies and tactics will be needed to ensure that all people of the world will be covered by primary health care. Leadership development is one such strategy which provides new opportunities to inform and communicate, to expand partnerships among people people who are empowered and motivated who then take no new responsibilities for their health, the health of their families and of their communities.


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Healthy Documents - A source of important documents and instruments that impact on peoples' health.Healthy Documents
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